Mecanova does not stop with the snow: new shipping to Belarus

Despite the heavy frost and the historic snowfall, Mecanova continues meeting our clients goals.

Mecanova keeps manufacturing and shipping orders despite of the snowfall that the storm Filomena has left behind. This week, thanks to the efforts of workers and drivers, we have sent a new order to Belarus for cattle and pig slaughterhouse. It is the second shipment of the five programmed to this important slaughterhouse, which means a big step in the modernization of the meat industry in Eastern Europe. The second shipment comprises a whole equipment of tubular monorail with Teflon and the support structure of galvanized steel.

Inside the project of building this great slaughterhouse, Mecanova provides its technology, design and experience to build storage chambers, all the dressing line, and a rapid air conveyor, for the quick cooling of the carcasses, which it means the highest quality of the meat and savings for the producer.

Even with these cold circumstances, we keep consolidating our presence in Eastern Europe. With this new shipment, we complete the second phase of the installation of the pig line of our client in Belarus, taking the necessary security meassures, and looking after its interests. Despite of the the strong snow, Mecanova continiues working to provide its clients.