Pig Drag Scalding


The Mecanova MECPULL scalding system is easy to install in any production line. It is recommended for productions of between 120 and 300 pigs per hour, although it can be designed for higher productions. The MECPULL requires a conveyor, which drags the pigs through the scalding, overcoming the strong gap between bleeding and scalding.

The heating is carried out by steam throughout the entire machine. Temperature control is achieved through a pneumatic steam modulation valve.


  • 1. Fast and highly accurate water heating system
  • 2. Optimized design for minimal water consumption
  • 3. Needs low maintenance


  • - The length and the design will be according to the production and flow within the scalding area.
  • - Made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • - Water recirculation steam pipes in stainless steel with diameter depending on design and production. The bypass is made with a cast iron valve
  • - Pig unscrambler at the entrance
  • - Water heating systems by direct injection of steam controlled by a valve using ARI brand pneumatics or similar. Includes safety bypass, vacuum breaker and non-return valve
  • - Recommended carcass spacing 1000 mm
  • - Recommended operating temperature: between 60º- 65º
  • - Recommended scalding time depending on the weather and breed, between 4 and 6 minutes

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