Pig Slaughterhouse

MECANOVA designs, manufactures and installs al around the World machinery for pigs slaughterhouses.



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30 years of experience manufacturing machinery for slaughterhouses.

  • Definition and proyects in slaughterhouses.
  • Complete lines adapted to the necesities of each customer.
  • Revised and allowed facilities by the European Union and the USDA.
  • Reliable, hardy, useful and hardwearing machinery at the most demanding environment.
  • We are manufacturers.


Mecanova designs machinery lines for a lot of types of slaughterhouses:

  • Mini lines from 20 to 50 pigs per hour.
  • Small lines from 90 to 120 pigs per hour.
  • Medium lines from 120 to 180 pigs per hour.
  • High production lines from 180 to 800 pigs per hour.



The high competence in the modern meat industry requieres profesionals investments:

  • Efficiente facilities for saving electricity and water.
  • Low cost: Mecanova provides machinery with the best relation between quality and prize.
  • Automation: the machines allow low costs because they have a model that requieres the less number of workers working.


MECANOVA offers its meat tracking system for slaughterhouses. Our meat tracking system combines software and robots integrated in its program which manages the slaghtehouses.


A continuos improve in our designs according to the experience in the leaders meat industries, it afford us offer to our clients:

  • Saving in the production.
  • A improvement in the quiality of your products.



We look for a solution to your necesities.

Our lines have different technological posibilities based on the type of stunning, scalding process or dehairing.

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