Sheep Dressing



Machinery designed for the automatically overhead transport of animals. This conveyors are manufactured by profiles UPN in F-111 steel, receiving a superficial treatment rear to the hot galvanize.

  • The rail will be used will be of  2” which receives a superficial treatment of hot galvanize.
  • The traction is done by direct transmision with a reducer engine.
  • The transmisison shafts are manufactured in F-125.
  • All the auxiliar transmission elements (crowns, ferrules ...) are manufactured in  F-114
  • The tension of the chain is ralized by a elastic cylinder.
  • The chain used is flat by the two sides and it is guided by the UPN profiles.

sheep dressing sheep dressing

Technical Data:

  • Construction: hot galvanized steel.
  • Chain: X-458 forged of 4”
  • Polyethylene wheel of Φ 80 mm., that is moved by UPN guides.
  • Distance between the pushers: 1000 mm.
  • Transmission: reducer engine direct to the shaft, power1,5 kW.
  • Driving wheel + tensor wheel + 8 forward wheels with hardern teeths.
  • Air preassure: 4 bars.
  • Troad estimated level: between 3400 mm.
  • Conveyor legth: depending on the design.

sheep dressing3 sheep dressing4