Secondary cutting

For the secondary cutting MECANOVA offers different systems:

Depending on the product segmentation.

Simple cut

The entire process is performed on a single line with the possibility of different levels of feed belts and evacuation of product.


Cut specialized by product:

Line Hams
Line Paddle
Line chops and loins
Line Bacon and Ribs

This system requires automatic product feed conveyor belts by cutting from the primary.


It is designed for high production and is usually accompanied with automatic eviction of boxes of product.

Cutting rates depending on Labour Organisation:

- Static. Operators working on table.
- Dynamic. Operators working on tape while feeding her product allows you to operate cuts.



The above can be combined according to the customer needs.
Mecanova designs and manufactures the equipment necessary for all previous systems:

Conveyor belts at different heights and widths.
Cutting ribbons.
Cutting tables with holders for front or side oriented boxes.
Automatic power límpias boxes and boxes full eviction.
Paletizadotes boxes.
Elevators tires.
Carrilería tubular or double girder, aluminum or stainless steel.
Wash System boxes including simple or automatic drying system.
Elevators-Descenders boxes.

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