Cattle Platforms and Jobs



plataforma-dos-alturasPlatform in two heights designed for the preparation of the back legs and the transference of the cattle. The work height of the first platform is 1600 mm, and the second is 2000 mm. Both platforms has a regulation of ±  250 mm.

The platforms complies with the regulation of security and hygiene in the work. This platforms have stairs, security handrails with baseboard and anti-slip floor.

It may have installed washbasin and desinfector for knifes.

Technical Datums:

  • Dimensions:  3500X1000
  • Work heights:  1600  mm (Preparation platform),  2000 mm (Transfer platform).

Note: It isn't included in the offer

  • Washbasin and knife desinfector.




Height job designed for the works of intestine, bleeding, dressing, sharp-cornered and wigh-in.

It consists in a fixed platform manufactured in stainless steel, it has a stair in one of the laterals for the access.

The platform is prepared for the instalation of washbasins and knife sterilizer, and every kind of tool

The dimensions of the platforms can cahange depending on the client, because it can be done:

  • Individuals
  • Doubles.
  • Collectives.

The floor of the platforms can be done:

  • Anti-slip floor: in this case, the platform leaves MECANOVA totally finished, because the floor consists in a anti-slip and stainless steel sheet.
  • Mortar with resin: in this case, the platform comes ready for once setted up in the construction, the client is in charge of refill with concrete and put the same floor of the slaughterhouse.

Note: it isn't included: 

  • Washbasin.
  • Sterilizer.
  • Tools needed for the operation.
  • Floor in the case of being morter with resin.




Machine designed for make easier the operations realized by the workers, when this operations have to be done in different heights.

It consists in a mobile platform, which goes up and down, depending on the worker necesities by a pneumatic cylinder. This cylinder is activated by pedals situated on the floor,, so the workers will always have the hand free for realizing the corresponding work operations 

This platform has the corresponding security regulations.


Like handrails or stairs for go up or go down, etc

This platforms are plataforma-vacuno-evisceraciónaviable to set up any other auxiliar machinery, like work tools, washbasins, sterilizers or showers.

All the operation is performed by pneumatic valves, avoiding the set up of electrical elemnt, making easier the job maintenances.

Technical Datums:

  • Frame: construction in stainless steel.
  • Work preasure: 6 bares
  • Platform dimensions: 1.500x1000 or 2.000x1.500.
  • The first one has one single pneumatic piston.
  • The movements are controlled by pedals situated on the floor.
  • The biggest ones have 2 pneumatic pistons.
  • The biggest ones and with the request of the client can be completely closed with a stainless steel sheet, incorporating a sliding and pneumatic system for aproximate the platform to the cow. 



Conveyor belt designed for the transport of white guts for the inspection process.

It consists in a conveyor belt with 600 width in stainless steel AISI 304. The sash used is S800 of natural polythene with separated pusehers with the same distance as the pushers in teh dressing transport.

The conveyor belt is synchronized with the transporter so the inspection done by the vet is easy.

The traction is done by a drummotor, which saves energy, more efficiency and hygiene.

Technical Datums:

  • Construction: stainless steel.
  • Transmision: engine.
  • Power: check with Engineering (Depending on the lenth).
  • Type of band:: Modular S800.
  • Aproximate width: 600 mm.