Cattle Platforms and workstations



It is designed for the preparation of hind legs and the transfer of beef. It guarantees safe, comfortable and precise work for operators thanks to its two heights.

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Plataforma Transferencia


This type of platform is recommended to use in the following operations: pre-skinning, gutting, cutting, aspiration of the marrow, and return and inspection of the carcass. Actuated by two pneumatic cylinders, this workstation allows to carry out the different tasks for the treatment and preparation of the carcasses.

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Plataforma neumatica portada low


It is designed to facilitate the extraction operations of the abdominal pack of the cattle, and its evacuation to a conveyor, either belt or trays for veterinary inspection. Powered by a pneumatic cylinder and with a rear bucket for the evacuation of viscera, it is a practical and ergonomic equipment to ensure cleanliness during evisceration.

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Plataforma visceras blancas portada


This platform helps as a point of support and work for the operator during dehiding. It is powered by a pneumatic cylinder, and its design allows the worker to go up and down when the skin is pulled by the skinner roller. It is advisable to incorporate two of these workstations so that, once each platform is located next to the dehider, the operation is carried out quickly and comfortably.

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Available at different heights, these workstations are indicated in the dressing phase, for the correct and ergonomic carcass review.

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Plataforma Fija