Pig Restrainer


The restrainer is the ideal machine for the conduction and electric stunning of pigs (by electronarcosis). The complicated task of driving the animals in the facilities with electrodes is notably facilitated with a restrainer, since it picks up the animals at a zero level, and drives them automatically, raising them to a level of 1.1 meters. This equipment is ideal for stunning with tongs and subsequent discharge onto a bleeding table.

The 'V' conveyor belts, in addition to driving comfortably and with less stress, immobilize the animal, positioning it optimally at the stunning point. The restrainers are suitable for animals of very different weights and sizes, although they can be adjusted both in their separation and the height of the upper protective roof, a necessary element to prevent the animals from trying to climb over each other.

For the restrainer, a conduction tunnel is necessary prior to the machine and a bleeding table for the exit of the animal from it.

advantages of the equipment

  • 1. Easy cleaning due to manufacturing materials
  • 2. Robust, long-lasting and low-maintenance machine
  • 3. Easy to set-up in any installation

technical Features

  • - Recommended for productions of 80 to 400 pigs per hour
  • - Admits animals of 50 to 300 kg
  • - Structuraly made of stainless steel AISI 304 with 100x10x4 tubes
  • - Support plates for conveyor belts in 5 mm thick stainless steel
  • - Two enginges of 1,1Kw
  • - Modular Acetal Band
  • - Adjustable support or upper protection in stainless steel
  • - Includes electrical protection and control panel





restrainer r100 
50 - 300 Kg 
100-200 pigs / Hour
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restrainer r 400 with automatic stunning
50 - 300 kg
100-400 pigs / hour
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