Pig Restrainer



The restrainer or restreiner is a machine that joins a group of equipments that has to get easier the entrance of the animals form the corrals to the stunning point with the less effort.

The animals, through the restrainer, are carry one by one to the stunning point getting easier this operation with the animal completly inmobilise according to the animal walfare regulation.

  pig-restrainer Automatic-restrainer-with-authomatic-stunning









The machine is compound by the next parts:

Automatically adjustable restrainer

FRAME: self-supporting structure built in profile 100X100 e3 in material stainless steel AISI 304.

CONVEYANCE BELTS: set of two conveyance belts built in V form for carry the animal to the final stunning point. The conveyance belts are built in stainless steel AISI 304 with sheet and tube of variable thickness depending on the restrainer model. The bands are modulates alimentaries in acetal, easy to clean and tough to the hits and cuts.

Traccionated by each gearmotors between 0.75 and 1.1 Kw. of power  and and reduction relation depending on the model and production requierements.

The Restrainer is managed and protected by a electrical panel with maneuver of 24v according to the regulation, and it has to work models, manual and automatic.

SUPERIOR PROTECTION RAIL: rails system in stainless steel tube AISI 304 that prevents that the animals go up others inside the machine and arrive in good conditiions to the stunning point. This rail is adjustable manual and automatical,(depending on the model), for arrange the machine to the different types of animals.


- Rail.

- Ramp for get out of the restrainer.

- Masonry works.