Truck boxes for meat


Mecanova designs and manufactures tracks hydraulic arms for truck boxes to facilite the work of loading and unloading carcasses or meat hooks.

We design solutions adapted to every client. Our service includes the possibility of connecting, through arms, the tracks or rails straight from the truck to the facility, slaughterhouse, cutting room or processing factory. Hydraulic loading arms can be included in the boxes, that facilates the loading and unloading of facilites with different rails. These hydraulic arms are connected to the truck's battery, making them a very versatile equipment.

advantages of the equipment

  • 1. We adapt to every kind of truck box
  • 2. The track is aluminum, which does not significantly increase the tare of the truck
  • 3. We adapt the plans for the box manufacturer to adapt the reinforcements of the box

 Technical features 

Truck System
  • - Headboard: developed with Via Birraíl in extruded aluminum
  • - Track fastening to the truck body by a cast aluminum saddle (or track hanger)
  • - AISI - 304 stainless steel hardware (all screws)
  • - Needles for changes on the headboard of direction in stainless steel
  • - Two pieces of coupling to the connection arm of the installation
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Truck Loading arm
  • - Built in Stainless Steel according to European regulations
  • - Maximum lift 2400 mm
  • - Arm rotation 130 degrees
  • Load capacity 180 kg
  • - Machine weight: 60 kg
  • Voltage 12-24 V
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