Lattice Inox Twin Track System


The movement needs in the industry oh Spanish ham, sausages or others require strong rails that can hold more than 1000 kg per lineal meter, even up to 4000 kg per lineal meter. To meet these needs, Mecanova offers a stainless twin track system built in lattice structure. Mecanova proposes several models to adapt the different loads:


  • Mini
     Up to 900 kg per lineal meter of load capacity
     up to 1500 kg per lineal meter of load capacity
     up to 4000 kg per lineal meter of load capacity


The Latttice Inox Twin Track System includes different elements in its composition:

Four tubes joined with hangers every 600 mm


Designed for easy handling of heavy and loaded trolleys. It is compatible with automatic raks movement systemvia celosia curva

Switchs with an exclusive Mecanova system whereby the central star is the one that moves avoiding loss of contact with the wheels of the trolleys with the raceway, allowing easy movement of large loads.

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advantages of the equipment

  • 1. Experience of more than 20 years with this type of rail
  • 2. We have all the elements and accessories needed for any installation
  • 3. This rail can be lowered from the main structure or from the slab using loops, which offers greater hygiene.

Technical features

  • Track made entirely of stainless steel
  • Track profile formed by a lattice made of AISI - 304 stainless steel tube
  • Support of the lattice track by means of stripping rods, both forged and structural, depending on the installation
  • Track design compatible with Mecanova equipment
  • Acid pickled finish welded joints

Inox Twin Track System
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Support Structure in Galvanized Steel
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