Cutting Equipment

Cutting equipment have different brands Jarvis, Effa, Tecmaster.



The 3HD quickly and easily cut the head of pigs, sows, boars and cattle.
QUICK - an operator can handle more than 1200 pigs / hour.
Designed for optimum handling

Technical data:

Transmission: Electric-Hydraulic.
Cutting force: 6 Kn
Cutting cycle time: 1.6 seconds
Control Handles: Tires bimanual and Anti-grip; 3.5 bar
Opening the blade: 241mm At points, the widest 286mm..
Overall length: 1092mm.
Weight: 21.8 Kg.



Quickly and efficiently pig rectum.
Fast - a single operator can cut 1200 pigs / hour.
Easy to use, does not require much skill.
Light weight and maneuverability for maximum productivity.
Yield increase - as the optimum blade leaves more meat in animals, less in the intestine.
Blades of high hardness stainless steel for long life

Technical data:

Pressure: 6 bar.
Power: 0.60 HP - 440W.
Air consumption: 700 l / min.
Approximate weight: 2.8 Kg.
Blade length: 195mm



Byline used for pig production (over 400 pigs / hour / saw).
Internal disinfection system for primary contact areas.
Refuted alignment front wheel for better length knife blade.
Transmission system bathed in oil to maintain smooth operation.
Controls anti-grip and electric motor totally enclosed for operator safety. Availability of all voltages.
Meets national and international requirements for hygiene and safety (USDA approved and CE).

Technical data:

Transmission: electric.
Power: 3 HP
Operating Voltage: 460 V 3 phase 60 Hz
Capacity: 400 c / hour
Levers of Control: Electric bimanual Anti-grip 12 V
Diameter between guides: 435 mm.
Length of knife blade: 2845 mm.
Overall length: 1295 mm.
Height: 305 mm.
Weight: 50 kg.



The equipment has been developed for the removal of bone in bovine animals, sheep-goats and pigs.
No need to esquinar.
Total bone marrow aspiration through tubes of different diameters.
Easy to use no need qualified personnel.
Manufactured to CE standards.

Technical data:

Capacity: 100 L.
Manufacturing: Stainless Steel.
Caudad displacement: 100 m3 / h.
Empty limit: 20 mbar.
Power: 3.5 hp
Operating Voltage: 220/380 50Hz.



To cut sternum and hip.
Great power in reduced size.
Motor armored tight.
Easy sterilization.
Complies with international standards of safety and hygiene.

Technical data

Power: 1.90 HP
Operating Voltage:
42/115/230/400/415 V 3 phase 50 Hz
220/230/380/460 V 3 phase 60 Hz
Cutting speed: 191-228 m / min
Control handle: individual electric trigger.
Blade length: 241, 267, 292, 330 mm.
Overall length: 610 mm. (No leaves), 711 mm. with sheet of 9.5 "
Weight: 24 kg.



Ideal for:
Cut ribs in hot or cold and cuts.
Removing broken spine and front and chest quarters.
Marking bovine hams and shoulders.
Constructed entirely of stainless steel.

Technical data:

Transmission: Hydro.
Motor Power: 2.5 HP 1865W
Blade speed to 3.5 gpm: 2725 rpm.
Control Handle: Single Trigger - tire.
Overall length: 419mm 16.5in
Weight: 3.2 Kg.



Powerful and robust machine for cutting feet pigs and sows, as well as calves and sheep legs.
Opening the blade: 79 mm (3.1 inches)
Fast cutting, only 0.7 seconds per cut. Limpid Court - not chipped or dusted bones.
Special hanger -
The protection of the blades can be mounted on both sides for left and right handed operators.
The HTC-80 is virtually maintenance free for a long life without problems.
Light weight - only 4.8 kg (10.6 lbs).
Meets national and international requirements and safety

Technical data:

Transmission: Electric-hydraulic
Cutting force: 10.9 kN
Cut cycle time: 0.7 seconds
Control knobs: Trigger Simple hydraulic, pneumatic single trigger
Overall length: 406 mm.
Weight: 4.8 kg.


Function: cortadora-cuernos-patas

For inaccessible bovine horns with cutting guillotine style.
To cut the front or rear hock by the joint or bone.
With a cutting cycle of 2.1 seconds, the 50D-1 is a high production tool used high performance for demanding applications, especially where a single operator has to cut both horns and front hock.
With the highest possible hygiene with renewed entirely in stainless steel construction - minimal corrosion problems.
Robust structure, which includes sharp blades of solid stainless steel for a long trouble free service.
Controls anti-grip for operator safety.
Complies with national and international regulations and safety.

Technical data:

Transmission: Pneumatic-hydraulic
Opening blade: 114mm
Cutting force: 51 KN
Control Handles: Dual Tires "anti-grip" 5-8 bar.
Cutting cycle time: 2.1 sec.
Overall length: 610mm
Weight: 27 Kg.



Fast Walking across the chest pig.
Rápica, a single operator can handle more than 1000 pigs / hour.
Total length short, light weight and adjustable handles for optimum handling.
Robust design, made of stainless steel high-performance, cutting long and smooth.
Controls anti-grip and instant stoppage disk for operator safety.
Meets national and international requirements and safety.

Technical data:

Transmission. Electric-Hydraulic.
Capacity: 1000 / hour.
Disc Speed: 20.8 Lpm. (5.5 gpm)
Control Handles: Electrical anti-grip 12V.
Disc Diameter: Pig-203mm-229mm and Cerda.
Cutting depth: Pig 76mm-102mm and Cerda.
Length: 800mm.
Weight: 13,4Kg.

cortadora-cabezas-ovino-hidraulicaSHEEP HYDRAULIC HEAD CUTTING MACHINE

Compact for an easy use; robust for a long duration, without operation problems.
Super fast cutting cycle combined with high cutting force is a high performance for most applications.
Available with pistol grip or straight handles for optimum operator comfort.
Anti-grip controls for operator safety.
Made of corrosion resistant materials for optimum hygiene.

Hydraulic cutter heads sheepcorte-neumatico-esternon-ovino

Bimanual controls for operator safety.
Made with corrosion resistant materials for optimum hygiene.
Meets national and international requirements and safety

Sealing esophagus to sheep

Manual capper esophagus double plug. Specific sealing rings for closing the esophagus, latex manufactured in high pressure to avoid breakage.

For high yields can be considered installing a sealing esophageal pneumatically operated.


equilibrador-para-sierraSAW BALANCER

Technical data:

Cable length: 2m.
Weight: 2.9kg.
Cover, aluminum housing and drum.
Easy and safe replacement of springs and mounted in armored boxes.
Rápica and safe replacement of the cables.
Eye bolt, snap hook and safety chain.
Cable corrosion.
Maximum stroke limiter cable.
Automatic locking of the drum.