Pig Head Polisher


Machine designed for the revision and refining of faces and jowls of pigs. Its design allows working animals that have different lengths.

The rollers, made with nylon thread, work the faces, eliminating traces of hair and scab that may have been left after flaming and flagellation. The finish is impeccable and reduces veterinary head seizures to a minimum.

Its operation is continuous, but each it works with faces individually. For this, it is necessary a separation greater than 1200 mm between carcasses. It includes a water diffusion system to achieve the best finish.

advantages of the equipment

  • 1. It achieves a good result in the line with non-homogeneous carcarsses
  • 2. Easy to install and set up

Technical Features

  • Made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Electric movement 0.74 Kw (2x0.37 Kw)
  • -  600 mm long diameter scraper rollers 276
  • Height adjustment by 0.75 Kw motor with encoder controlled by leveling screen
  • UCF bearings in stainless steel with polyamide shell

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