Cattle Ritual Box


The cattle ritual box is a machine designed for the slaughter with Halal or Kosher Rite of cattle of various sizes in high production slaughterhouses. Mecanova has several models that give a production of between 35 and 50 cattle per hour. For higher productions, we recommend connecting a second machine in parallel.

Advantages of the equipment

  • 1. Manual handling of all movements avoids stress on the animal and the potential appearance of petechiae and ematomas in the meat
  • 2. We have a model that can work in ritual mode and in traditional mode
  • 3. Easy installation: the producer can assemble the machinery with our simple assembly and commissioning instructions

technical features

  • - Slaughter box for Halal or Kosher ritual made of hot-dip galvanized S275 JR iron or AISI 304 stainless steel. All tubular profiles are structured, and the sheets thicker than 8 and 10 mm
  • - Equipment: push and hold side door, exit side door, guillotine-type front door for head trapping, pneumatically actuated entrance guillotine door and rotary box with rear push door
  • - Neck holder with design that allows Halal or Kosher cutting
  • - Hydraulic cylinders connection using rigid stainless pipe
  • - 3kw electric gear motor with brake / braking torque 40 kw
  • - 4CV hydraulic power plant
  • - Electrical protection and control panel with PLC and frequency inverters
  • - 24V operating control with 6m cable to panel
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