Cattle White Offal Platform


Machine designed to facilitate the extraction of the cattle’s offal, and their evacuation to a conveyor, (either belt or trays conveyor) for veterinary inspection. This operation can be performed by a single operator since he can work at different heights

The machine has a lower hopper to receive the abdominal package and its subsequent evacuation backwards in a belt or viscera bucket. To prevent any remains from falling out, the equipment has and special bucket shapped as a bib that sticks to the carcass during the operation. The equipment has operating pedals for a better operating comfort, as well as handrails and skirting boards for greater operator safety.

Advantages of the equipment

  • 1. Facilitates the work of guts extraction
  • 2. Increases the production
  • 3. Facilitates the traceability of veterinary inspection

Technical Features

  • - Complete set made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • - Frame in tube
  • - Columns using 80x3 round tube
  • - Double acting pneumatic displacement 150 stroke 1200
  • - Control on pedals made of smooth round Φ 50
  • - IP 66 watertight pneumatic box for pneumatic valves
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