Primary cutting


MECANOVA develops industrial many primary cuts and low production ..

We can distinguish two basic types of cutting according to the cut position:

1.Vertical (for pigs and cattle)
This is done directly on the average hanging conveyor channel or route, dropping the pieces on tables or collection belts.despiece-horizontal

2.Horizontal (especially pork)
Through a descender a cutting table, the average channel on a table to separate stands:

  • The ham
  • The palette
  • The saddle
  • The rack

The primary parts are automatically routed to its line of secondary cutting or boning.

Horizontally types off cutting:  

  1. Primary cutting. On table.
  2. Primary cutting. On line.

Advantaje :

Effectiveness: This system can be increased by 30% yield.
Quality: Improving product quality because the jobs are repetitive.


Use of staff

3.   Automatic primary Exploded: Machine designed for high production, so that the cutting is done by circular saws.
Not all courts allow this system is typical with the Danish court and for this low temperature channel is required.