Pig Whipping Machine


The pork whipping machine is an equipmente designed the brushing and cleaning of pig carcasses. After the dehairing process, it is necessary to clean and remove from the carcasses the remains of hair and other dirt that have remained attached to the carcass.

This operation, which in small lines has traditionally been carried out manually, involves drawback due to the high cost of labor, low production and the risk of contamination from one carcass to another by legionella or salmonella because of certains mistakes during operation. To solve these problems, it is advisable to automate the process, achieving 100% cleaning and solving possible defects or failures in the scalding or hair removal.

The whips manufactured by Mecanova are the ideal equipment to solve these problems, with drying or cleaning models for productions of between 80 and 1.000 pigs per hour (depending on the configuration of the machines).

advantages of the equipment

  • 1. Robust and durable equipments made of stainless steel
  • 2. Strong shafts that stay aligned over time without vibrations
  • 3. The transmission from the motor to the shaft is carried out through a flexible coupling, which means a longer motor life
  • 4. Whips in natural rubber of easy replacement, which achieves the highest quality in the finish of the carcass

Technical Features

  • - Made of stainless steel
  • - 2Kw Gear Motor 
  • - Flexible coupling between shafts and motor
  • - Entry and exit doors to prevent splashing
  • - Easy maintenance axes for whips


Whipping dryer machine 3rv

Whipping cleaning machine 2RV

Whipping cleaning machine 3RV

Whipping cleaning machine 4RV


Whipping Horizontal cleaning machine



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