Pig Rotating Scalding


The Mecanova MECROT scalding is an ideal machine for automating production lines between 50 and 150 pigs per hour where there is also little space in the facility. Production will depend on the climate of the animal beeding area, and can be used to automate the line and replace traditional rafts, reducing at least one line operator. The return on investment ranges from one to three years.

The machine receives the channels in the upper part, and works in steps, conditioned by the dehairing machine cycles.

The carcasses are submerged in the scald raft, keeping four animals in water if it is the MECROT-1 model and eight, if it is the MECROT-2 model. Heating of the water is carried out by direct steam.

advantages of the equipment

  • 1. Compact machine built with high quality materials and 
  • 2. Low maintenance
  • 3. Easy assembly and commissioning

Technical Features

  • - Made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • - Rock canvas insulation throughout the raft
  • - Drum set made of 8 mm thick stainless steel rolled sheet
  • - Traction by gearmotor with 3 kW brake and C4 corrosion protection
  • - Water heating by direct steam modulated by ARI brand pneumatic valve
  • - Includes automatic manual fill, drain and overflow valve
  • - The scalding control allows planning the start time of the water heating

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