Cattle Dehider V40


The Cattle Dehider V40 is a machine for bovine dehiding (or skinning), achieving a production of between 30 and 45 cattle per hour with animals weighing 600 kg. Dehiding or skinning with this equipment is performed from the top of the animal's legs to the head. The equipment has a drum that rolls the skin pulled by a hydraulic motor. The thrust is equally hydraulic, with a stroke of 1800 mm. The dehider allows the placement of two hydraulic or pneumatic platforms on both sides to accompany the shedding of the skin.

advantages of the equipment

  • 1. Robust and reliable
  • 2. Easy to set up in any installation
  • 3. Skinning is complete, from head to toe, compared to other competitor's products

technical features

  • - 30 HP Dehider
  • Made of stainless steel. The structure mooring is made of S275 JR Steel
  • - It is equipped with a hydraulic unit with a 30 HP electric motor
  • - Hydraulic push cylinder 50-100 / 115 stroke 1800 mm
  • - Operation via 24v control panel and IP66 protection
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