Sheep Dehider

FunctionalityDesolladora electroneumatica

The work of dehiding or skinning of older sheeps on high productions lines requires robust, fast and strong machinery.

The electro - pneumatic dehider made by Mecanova allows a complete skinning of animals up to 80kg from the kidney area to the head in one single operation, thanks to the skin pick-up roller alongside with the pneumatic push system.

Our electro - pneumatic is one of the safest of the market for the operator, and its capacity is up to 200 animals per hour.

Equipment Advantages 

  • 1. The safest and more reliable
  • 2. Saves between two or three operators per line, depending ot the production
  • 3. Easy to instal in any kind of dressing line

Technical features

  • - Made with AISI - 304 stainless steel structural profiles
  • - Push by pneumatic cylinder ϕ 100
  • - 1.5 kw winding motor
  • - Includes electropneumatic panel

Download Sheet: Electro-Pneumatic Sheep Dehider PDF downlaod


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