Cattle Dehider V70


The cattle Dehider machine model V70 is designed for productions of between 30 and 75 animals per hour, depending of the weight and pre-skinning at the slaughter. With this equipment, the dehiding is performed from the hind legs to the head. The main advantage of this equipment from the V40 version, besides a higher power, 30 HP, is that this machine incorporates a hydraulic cylinder of telescopic push with a stroke of 2800. This means that it can work very large animals from the hindquarters to the head without the need for hand restraint.

The machine is operated by a control panel located on one of the two lateral platforms with IP55 protection and 24 volt voltage.Side platforms with pneumatic or hydraulic movement can be attached to the machine. There are optionally platforms that allow movement towards the axis of the rail, which allows a greater proximity of the operator to the carcass during the follow-up of skinning.

Advantages of the equipment 

  • 1. Great power and robustness
  • 2. Low maintenance
  • 3. Work very large animals with the same quality

Technical features

  • - Made entirely of stainless steel
  • - Hydraulic action pump. 780 CC motor. P = 400bar
  • - Electric motor: 30 HP. 220-380-415 V; 50-60 Hz
  • - Roller: stroke length 2800 mm
  • - Total height: 5685 mm
  • - Electrical panel with transformer
  • - Capacity: 70V / H
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