Pig Stunning by CO2

Stunnig system by CO2 for porc

Functionality of stunning systems by co2

Stunning systems by Carbon dioxide (CO2) for pigs are essential in any new line or renovation of a pig slaughter line. The main reason is the quality of the meat that this system achieves, thanks to the decrease in the pH of the meat, which translates into an improvement in the PSE index of the same.

This system also removes petechiae from the meat, while preventing the breakage of backbones and hams. A correct handling of the animals, according to the Mecanova instructions, reduces the stress of the animal, and facilitates compliance with the European Animal Welfare Regulation CE No. 1099/2009 of the European Council.

Advantages of the equipment

  • 1. Robust equipment that requires low maintenance
  • 2. Equipment approved by the European Animal Welfare regulations
  • 3. Easy to use: the machines are adapted to the specific characteristics of each batch

technical features

  • - Structurally made of S275 JR steel finished in hot dip galvanized
  • - Motorization depending on the production of between 7.5 Kw and 15 Kw
  • - Protection and control electrical panel
  • - Easy-clean baskets (number of baskets varies by model)
  • - Emergency gas extraction pump
  • - 0.75 Kw side extractor distributor pump
  • - Information screen and data recording of concentration and gas exposure time


According to the design, it is intended for the slaughter of pigs weighing between 50 and 350kg in an industrial procedure.

The production of this machine will depend on the weight of the animals, being 120 every hour for 100kg animals with a time to bleeding of 30 seconds, the machine must perform cycles with 6 pigs to achieve that production.

  • • The CO2 concentration at the start point of stunning must be greater than 80% (we recommend 90%).
  • • The time for the animals to descend to the point of maximum concentration must be less than 30 seconds (we recommend 20 seconds)
  • • The exposure time at the maximum concentration will depend on 2 variables:
    • 1. The concentration of CO2
    • 2. The time until bleeding of the last animal to leave after each cycle.

The time spent at maximum concentration and the percentage of concentration of the gas will affect the time of unconsciousness of the animal, and the machine must be operated in such a way that each animal is given a time and concentration that allows a time of unconsciousness. enough for him to bleed to death without regaining consciousness.

As an indication, the unconsciousness for the 80% gas figure will be:

120 seconds30 seconds
130 seconds45 seconds
140 seconds60 seconds
150 seconds75 seconds
160 seconds90 seconds


Stunning by CO2 MECO - 21 elevator with side load: 120 pigs per hour 

Stunning by CO2 MECO - 26 wheel with side load: Up to 400 pigs per hour

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