Cattle Transfer

transferencia-vacunoFIXED TRANSFER PLATFORM



It is a alevated job desigend for the fulfillment of the transfer of the animal. The floor of the platforms ca be done:

  • Anti-slip floor: in plot in stainless steel or in coarse plate in steel.
  • Mortar with resin.

Technical Datas:

  • Frame: built in stainless steel.
  • Platform measurements: depending on the economic offert.

Another elemnts:

  • Washbasin.
  • Sterilizer
  • Tools necessaries for the operation.
  • Floor, in case of being with mortar and resin.




Vertical lift tire is used to raise / lower elevation tread the path in order to facilitate the work hanging of any product as well as the transfer of cattle.Pneumatic lift for transfer

Technical data:

The elevator consists of the following elements:
• it consists of a pneumatic piston located in the vertical elevator which is produced by the movement thereof.
• It has security system to prevent the escape car when the lift is in its lowest position, which in this case is mechanically driven, being able to be in other cases pneumatically operated.
• It consists of an electrical control panel for operating the pneumatic piston including a system whereby if the car is not centered on the moving part of the lift is never set in motion.
• Carrying out the same steel S-275-JR galvanized finish, except for the guides of the moving part made of stainless steel AISI-304.




Elevation system by a chain, activated by a electrical engine. The system has the accessory necessary for conecting with the rail of the slaughterhouse. This system, has a keypad, for raise the hook when the animal is stunned. Or in the transference process.

polipasto-de-elevacionTechnical Caracteristics:

  • Aluminium object with high strength.
  • Cog bathed in oil with grease forever.
  • Load limiter of high efficiency bathed in oil.
  • 80 degree anti-wear chain, of 7 x 21.
  • Brake engine.
  • With a pick up-chain bag.
  • Electrical supply: 230/400 V, 50Hz.
  • Engine with insulation class F and protection IP 55.
  • Control gear box easy to access
  • Keypad with with an emergency botton.
  • Tested in the factory with  25 % of overloading.
  • Power: 1,5 Kw.
  • Maximum weight: 1600 Kg.