Cattle Dressing Pneumatic Platform


Modern beef slaughter lines incorporate pneumatic platforms to perform various operations during this phase. The reason of this is that the same operator can perform several operations on the carcass, from the highest part of it to the head.

This type of platform is recommended for use in the following operations: pre-skinning, gutting, cornering, aspiration of the marrow, and return and inspection of the carcasses.

The pneumatic platform is a profitable investment, since the traditional option is fixed platforms at different heights that, although they have a lower cost, means having several operators at different heights. For example, the pre-skinning work with a pneumatic platform requires only one operator, with fixed platforms three operators would be needed, and also working in worse conditions.

advantages of the equipment

  • 1. The movements are controlled by the operator with pedals integrated into the floor of the platform
  • 2. Large width so that the operator has enough space to carry out the operation in a comfortable and safe way
  • 3. Robust and easy to assemble

Technical Features

  • - Made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • - Frame in 6 mm sheet metal
  • - Round tube pillars 84x3
  • - 120 x 1200 Pneumatic Cylinders
  • - Operating pressure 6 bar
  • - Useful measurements 1500 wide by 1000 deep on standard platform. Other measures are available at the customer's request



Standard pneumatic platform 1500 mm wide
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White guts Platform
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Small platform 800x800
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Closed and horizontally moving platforms
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