Singer Burner for Pigs


Machine designed for flaming and sanitizing of pork carcarsses on pig dressing lines within the cleaning process, after dehairing. In order to achieve the maximum efficiency of the machine, in addition to a correct washing after the epilator, it is recommended that the carcass gets thoroughly dried. Mecanova whipping dryer machines are recommended for this task. After flaming, it is required a cleaning tunnel with vertical and horizontal flagellators to eliminate the remains of singed hair.

advantages of the equipment

  • 1. The fire distribution allows a perfect finish of the masks
  • 2. Our extensive experience guarantees the highest quality of channels
  • 3. Easy assembly and commissioning

technical features

  • - General parameters: maximum production 1000 c / h (normal production 320 c / h), propane / natural fuel (average consumption per pig: 0.12 m3 / h of NG), 56 fire hydrants, operation 2-15 sec. (gradual)
  • - Made of in stainless steel AISI - 304
  • - Electrical control panel for combustion timing control and electrical protection of the elements
  • - Approved by the General Directorate of the Steel and Naval Industries, with number AIG / 314/85, according to O.M.I of 03/07/74, D. 1651/74
  • - Total installed power: 1,500,000 kcal / h.

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