Sheep Restrainer


The restrainer is a machine specially designed to fullfil the function of leading and dosifying goats and ovine animals, either minors or olders to the inside of the slaughterhouse. This machine works quietly, without flashes, so any kind of shock can be avoided. It can also be built tailored to any installation.

Advantages of the Equipment

  • 1. Easy installation
  • 2. Barely requires maintenance
  • 3. Reliable and quiet
  • 4. Allows ritual slaughter thanks to the blood collection and self- cleaning system


  • - Made of stainless steel AISI 304
  • - Two gearmotors of 1,1 kw
  • - Food modulator belt in acetal
  • - Length of 3500 mm (available in other meassures) 
MODEL availables
  • R100
  • Self-Adjusting
other options
  • Blood collection system
  • SelF - cleaning belts systems

Download Sheet: Sheep Restrainer

Learn how it works:


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