Cattle Stunning Box


The goal of the Stunning Box is the quick entry of the animal, its immobilization within the machine for easy stunning, and its rapid evacuation for the bleeding process. The animal coming from the pens approaches the entrance door accompanied by the operator. Once inside, the operator closes the entrance door so that the animal cannot go back. This door is actuated by a pneumatic cylinder. Once the stunning process has been carried out, the operator assigned to this operation opens the side door for the animal to come out again. All the gates are operated by the operator by an easy-to-use device.

To this machinery can be added the head trapping system or neck fixation system, which consists of a guillotined door to trap the head of the bovinecattle and incorporates a neck display for cutting by Halal or Kosher Rite, together with a rear side push door. It is a simple system to adapt to existing drawers that allows to work with or without ritual, as the immobilization of the animal prior to desensitization complies with the Animal Welfare Regulations.

advantages of the equipment

  • 1. Sectioned entry and exit doors with pneumatic movement performed by operators in a few seconds, guaranteeing a fast and safe process
  • 2. Robust equipment made of hot galvanized steel that gives a long machine life. Equipment also available in stainless steel
  • 3. Rear side thrust system to force the animal to stick its head out of the front head immobilizer while immobilizing it

technical features

  • - Made of hot dip galvanized S275 JR
  • - Entrance sectioning door made of 100x100x4 structural tube. Equip pneumatic cylinder ɸ 60 stroke 1200
  • - Box frame made of 100x100x4 tube
  • - Rear side push door made of 10mm thick sheet metal
  • - Exit door manufactured with 100x100x4 square structural tube frame. 40x40x4 angled side guide. It equips pneumatic cylinders of diameter 80 stroke 1200
  • - Pneumatic control panel located above the Box. Includes lever valves and air lubrication unit
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 Head fixation system
  • - Made of stainless steel or hot galvanized
  • - Sliding door made of polyethylene 1,000 sheet of 40 mm thick
  • - Mobile elements in stainless steel
  • - Round smooth stainless bib diameter 30 mm
  • - Actuation by pneumatic cylinders
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  • M 102 001 Stunning Box
    Conventional model that includes: entrance door and exit door. With optional incorporation of side door (Model 102 006)
  • M 102 006: Side push door
    And head entrapment system

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