Aluminium Twin Track System


The aluminium twin track system is the most modern, economical, safe and clean rail model on the market. The different elements of this structure make it a leading model and up to scratch, meeting the expectations and needs of the producer.

It is composed by several elements such as the track made of extruded aluminium, hangers or switches of two and three directions.

Mecanova's aluminium profile has a design that provides it with a high loading capacity, a long service life and a easy screw to the hanger. The gravity cast aluminium hangers are highly resistant with a tensile breaking load of 2,240 kg.Barra aluminio


The hanger's desing makes it possible to easily screw the profile to the hanger, and the hanger to the structure. The design is indicated for the take down from a portable structure IPE or IPM (Double T) galvanized in heat. It can also be taken down from an unseen structure above the panel by stainless steel off-hooks. Mecanova places the hangers every 600 mm, although this separation can be adapted to different requirements.Silletas transparente


A twin track system switch can be in two or three directions. These usually have built-in drills for the placement of manual needles.

Mecanova can also offer detours with pneumatic needles.

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equipment Advantages

  • 1. The highest quality in the market
  • 2. A long experience, translated in a quick execution
  • 3. Structure calculation and design included

Technical features

  • - Airway profile made of 6063 alloy extruded aluminum
  • - Moment of inertia of the double rail track equal to 46.44 cm4
  • - Track section designed to allow transport trolleys to roll on it and at the same time facilitate the assembly of the elements necessary to hold it
  • - Supporting the track of the support structure beam by  a hanger
  • - Joining elements of the hangers to the support beam made of AISI - 304 stainless steel
  • - AISI - 304 stainless steel hardware
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  • - Screws according to DIN standards
  • - Dimensional tolerances of the track profile according to the UNE 30.066.89 / ISO 6362-4 standard
  • - T-5 tempering treatment of the track profile according to the UNE-EN-755-2: 1998 standard
  • - Hangers alloy according to UNE 38252 1st revision



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