Sheep Carcasses Accumulator

Acumulador canales 2


The transfer of sheep carcasses from the slaughter line to the accumulation litters for cameras can be tiring and a risk factor for injuries and sick leave due to the weight of the older sheep. This equipment facilitates the work of labeling and transfer to the accumulation of carcasses of more than 10 kg.

El equipo se descuelga de la estructura superior, permitiendo su movilidad longitudinal gracias a una vía superior que permite dicha movilidad. El robot desciende y eleva el peso de la canal gracias a un cilindro neumático con carrera y sección apropiados.

Equipment advantages

  • 1. Simple to install on any line
  • 2. Robust yet agile for movement
  • 3. Very economical

TECHNICAL features

  • Body by pneumatic cylinder Φ 80
  • - It is lowered from the structure by a double track
  • AISI -304 stainless steel support spike
  • Stainless steel handle with knobs embedded in this
  • The operating buttons are at 24 volts
  • - Pneumatic valves with closed centers
  • Pneumatic control unit for flow regulation, lubrication and drying
  • Incorporates electropneumatic control panel
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