Instestine content cleaner


Centrifugal machine for emptying casing indicated for several slaughterhouses that either do not have a guts service that removes them and seizes the remains of it, or does not take all the production. In this case, the slaughterhouse is obliged to pay for the waste withdrawal as MER type 2, in addition to requiring a deposit of sufficient capacity. With this machine, we can turn the waste into benefit.

To solve the problem, Mecanova offers equipment for emptying and reducing guts that cleans all the abdominal contents with blades that cut and chop all the intestinal contents, releasing the manure, and cleaning the meat at high temperatures. This way, the meat material is sterilized to give it a useful use as protein or fat suitable for human consumption MER 3. This way the payment that was to be done for waste removal turns into an income because of the cleaned material. This translates in a shorter period of amortization and an interesting profitability.


  • 1. Easy set up
  • 2. The client decides the degree of cleaning and cooking he prefers
  • 3. Gut chopping level is also optional

technical features

  • - Made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • - Very robust machine
  • - Pneumatic blade system (optional)
  • - Pneumatic opening system (optional)
  • - Centralized greasing system
  • - Electrical protection and control panel in accordance with CE safety regulations

Download Sheet: Intestine Content Cleaner PDF downlaod