The Company

Mecanova is a leading Spanish company in the sector of Machinery and Equipment for the Meat Industry. In competition with other European companies, we satisfy the needs of our customers around the world. Our greatest asset is our entire team, using our enthusiasm for technology in the Meat Industry.


Mecanova was born in 1985 with the aim of providing Navidul with its maintenance service. We started by building its five most representative factories, and that was just the beginning ...

From that moment on, a journey began that has led us to a present full of future. Since our beginnings, we have developed the best technology in metallic systems and structures, providing our clients with modern installations and quality. This way, we consolidate ourselves as an industrial engineering company specialized in metal. Technology and systems development have always been our strength. Over time we specialized in the design and manufacture of machinery for the meat industry, from the provision of machines for slaughterhouses, to cutting rooms and processing factories.

Today Mecanova is a company that designs and manufactures complete installation with sophisticated automation and control machinery for pig, cattle and sheep slaughterhouses, and also for cutting rooms. In addition, we develop meat rail systems, both for facilities and for transportation. We count on the satisfaction of our clients from different points, both inside and outside our borders.

In this well-worked path, we have achieved great milestones to be on top of the sector. For more than 35 years, Mecanova has been working for the main meat industries at an international and national level. We have developed the most advanced technology in the slaughter and processing lines of industries in South America, the United States, and Europe. Today we continue to grow to offer the best solutions.


We are a company that develops real technological solutions for the meat industry, both nationally and internationally. We have more than 35 years of experience developing all types of machines in slaughter and cutting lines. We attend to the production needs of the line, the size of the facilities and we provide solutions anywhere in the world. Our main advantage is our human team, who works designing and improving our machinery everyday, seeking the highest quality and efficiency, which translates into profitability for our customers.


We want to transform the conception of the meat industry. We work to develop equipment that optimizes the production of our clients, while being responsible with the animal welfare. Our goal is to continue growing, taking care of our environment and creating real solutions for the sector.


  • 1. Vocation for technological development and constant improvement
  • 2. Commitment and engagement with the client
  • 3. Honesty and transparency in our production processes and works
  • 4. Collaboration and cooperation between our workers and clients
  • 5. Updating and training in techniques and knowledge to offer the most cutting-edge technology


Mecanova is a leading Spanish company in equipment for the agri-food industry and has accumulated experience since 1985 in more than 1,000 facilities. We contribute to the industry:

definition and engineering

Industrial engineers, agronomists, mechanics, electronics with extensive experience.


Workshops fully equipped with high-performance machinery and machining lines. Qualified and experienced human team in manufacturing the best machines.


A team of highly qualified and experienced assemblers in the assembly and start-up of all types of agri-food facilities in Spain and other countries.


Our project managers define the facilities at source and are responsible for all engineering, coordination, construction management and commissioning until delivery to the client.

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