Sheep Side Puller


The side puller is a device deveoped by Mecanova made of stainless steel with the aim of carrying out the pre-skinning task of sheep and goats. It allows to automize a usually very manual and laborious work of skinning sheep.

The equipment consists of a stainless steel handle with a design that facilitates the penetration into the animal’s flanks, separating skin from the carcass effortlessly fot the operator. The equipment is pneumaticallty, it works both hands and is specially suitable for animals between 20 kg and 70 kg.

Its production capacity is 200 animals per hour. It is possible to reach 400 animals peer hour if two side pullers are placed.

Equipment advantages 

  • 1. Does not drag the grain of the skin, reducing the loss
  • 2. Easy installation on all types of lines
  • 3. Reduces 1 or 2 operators on the slaughter line
  • 4. Recoverable investment in 2 or 3 months

Technical Features 

  • - Made of AISI 304 Stainless Steel using machined blocks
  • Driven by double-acting pneumatic cylinder Φ 80 stroke 1,200
  • - Operated by pedal valve
  • - 2 meters long
  • - Includes electromagnetic control panel



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