Cattle Dressing Conveyor


The automation of cattle dressing requires conveyors that allow the movement of carcasses to each work station at the required speed or cadence by the production of the line.

The separation between carcasses will determine the placement of the different jobs. The continuous movement must also be adapted to the customer's requirements. This is why the design of the chain is subject to the productivity, profitability of the line and the satisfaction of the operators.

Advantages of the equipment

  • 1. We use high-quality, and low-maintenance European manufacturing chains
  • 2. We adapt to the requirements of each installation
  • 3. We use gearmotors with a high service factor, which provides reliability to the line

Technical Features

  • - Made of stainless steel
  • - Chain according to the design
  • - Polyamide wheel with Φ 80 mm elastomer that moves on UPN guides
  • - Distance beteween pushers: 1200 -1400 mm
  • - Transmission: planetary gearmotor direct to the power shaft depending on the design
  • - Drive wheel + idler wheel + idlers, hardened by induction tempering
  • - The tensioner assembly is equipped with a double safety system for stopping in case of hooking, and thus avoiding breakage
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