Sheep Skinning Pneumatic Machine

FunctionalityPneumatic Sheep Dehider

The sheep skinning pneumatic machine is a device that allows to efficiently perform the skinning or dehiding work for animals weighing 22 kg, reaching productions in between 300 - 400 lambs per hour.

The machine can be used on the last pull. Also, if two equipments are placed, it can help dehiding by two pulls, taking one of the halves of the animal's skin in the first pull, and  the rest of the skin in the second one, including the head. 

The special design of the gripper prevents damage to the carcass, while firmly gripping the skin.

equipment advantages

  • 1. Depending on the productions, it saves between 2 and 3 line operators
  • 2. Robust, low-maintenance equipment
  • 3. Easy to install on any line
  • 4. Eliminates occupational risks of injury and accidents due to operator falls


  • - Structurally made of AISI 304 stainless steel 
  • - Push by pneumatic cylinder with diameter 100 mm
  • - Clamp made of stainless steel plate with 100 Polyethylene claws
  • - Dimensions: 3020x470
  • - Operation via pneumatic lever valves
  • - Includes electro-pneumatic control panel with pneumatic flow, drying and lubrication control unit



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