Pig Stunning Box


The immobilization operation of pigs to be stunned requires stunning boxes designed for this task, complying with the animal welfare regulations.

This equipment requires a previous individual tunnel of conduction and access to the box, and a bleeding table after the process. For the stunning work, it is recommended an electrical equipment with impedance control and data recording that comply with the regulations. The animal accesses the box from the tunnel thanks to a sectional door, which leads it to the box. The box does not include a built-in floor, so it is made of concrete, and so it is the floor of the tunnel of conduction, giving the animal security, and  facilitating its entry, stunning and subsequent exit.

The design of the equipment allows the animal to be held by a pneumatic side door that, while it’s being controlled by the operator, presses on it, immobilizing the animal. The Mecanova Stunning Box allows an easy access to the stunning point with tongs. The exit of the animal is quick thanks to the fact that the same door that immobilizes it is raised, releasing the animal and letting it fall on the bleeding table.

This prevents the animal from being damaged or suffering, and thus eliminating petechiae in the meat and breaking ribs and spines, ensuring compliance with animal welfare.

advantages of the equipment

  • 1. Thanks to its simple and clean design, it achieves the easiest handling and operation of other boxes on the market.
  • 2. Following Mecanova's recommendations on the acquisition of sleeve and bleeding table, a higher quality of meat is achieved and less waste due to veterinary confiscations
  • 3. Competitive prices and easy installation

technical features

  • - Structurally made of stainless steel
  • - Movements by pneumatic actuators
  • - Includes sectional dosing door and pneumatic access made of Teflon
  • - Pneumatic control panel or panel with air drying and lubrication unit included



Pork stunning box
Animals 50 - 150 Kg 
180 pigs per hour
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Pork stunning box for mothers
Animals 150 - 400 kg
100 pigs per hour
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