Description of the Cattle and Sheep Offal Cleaning Machinery:

Centrifuge machine for the cleaning of tripes of beef and sheep. Simplifies and rationalizes the work, indispensable in all the tripe and offal processing works.

Characteristics for the gut cleaning machines:

  • Produced in AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • Sealing gasket lining for the loading and uloading door.
  • Soundproofing internal camera.
  • Centralization of the greases points.
  • Product extraction tray.
  • Upper door for the introduction of the product.

Requierements for the assembly:

  • A water line.
  • A steam line.
  • A 4C 5mm line to the electrical panel.
  • Colector to recibe and canalize water.
  • An anchor base.


P-75 V
Power: 4 CV
   Sheep: 150-200  tripes / hour
   Cattle: 10-12  tripes / hour

P-105 V
Power: 5,5 CV
   Sheep: 300-400  tripes / houra
   Cattle: 30-40  tripes / houra

P-505 V
Power: 10 CV
   Sheep: 600-800  tripes / hour
   Cattle: 60-80 tripes / hour

P-705 V
Power: 20 CV
   Sheep: 1.200-1.400  tripes / hour
   Cattle: 100-120  tripes / hour


 Electrical control panel for the functions of the machinery, built under CE regulations, equipped with electrical safety systems and emergency stop.

Deposit with an analog thermometer for the inspection of the water temperature inside the machine.

Optionals: pneumatic opening, trolly lifter and reception hopper.

Treatment process of the intestinal pack:

In the first place, the stomach is separated, then it is opened on the emptying table to extract the stomach residue. This residue falls through a lattice to a barrel tire which will expel the residue to the waste container enabled.

Afterwards, the empty stomach turns and it is introduced in the cleaning and whitening stomach machine, which will work with hot water at 65ºC (149ºF) for the 15 minutes that takes the process. In this machine, some kind of black fabric (depending on the skin of the animal it can have different shapes) has been removed, which covered the inside part of the stomach.

A following process could be done by a degreasing and whitening machine of the intestine. For that, at the exit of this machine, the worker collects the stomachs and turns them around to proceed to the next treatment that is done in this subproduct. The next machine does the degreasing of the external face of the stomach, with hot water at 65ºC (149ºF) and for 5 minutes aproximately. The longer the stomach stays in the machine, the lighter it will get, wich is not really advisable because the economic benefits would be lower.

Video Demostrative