Flat Plate Monorail


The flat plate monorail or flat bar is a kind of rail system very common in America, Easter Europe and Asia. For this type of rail, it is required the use of trolley hangers. The rail can be made in iron S-275-JR or in Stainless Steel AISI - 304. The structure comprises different elements to ensure a safe, efficient and optimised transport and transfer of the carcasses.

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The flat plate is made of 60x12 mm for pig carcasses and of 100x12 mm for cattle.


La separación de la vía entre soportes suele ser de 600 mm, y admiten diseños compatibles con transportadores o norias fabricadas por Mecanova. The separation of the rail between hangers is usually of 600 mm, and normally admits designs compatible with conveyors made by Mecanova.


We have manuals and pneumatic switchs according to the needs of the client.

The installation requires a support structure in galvanized steel with screwed assembly, which allows it to be assembled by qualified operators without the need for welding.

advantages of the equipment

  • 1. Fully bolted installation without welding
  • 2. More than 35 of experience
  • 3. We design any kind of installation, calculating the structure, and providing plans and instructions for its installation and assembly

Technical Features

  • - Airway profile made of galvanized S-275-JR steel plate. Also available in AISI - 304 Stainless Steel
  • - The standard flat plate for cattle will be 100x10 mm and the standard for pork will be 65x12 mm
  • - Section of the track designed to allow the rolling of the trolleys on it, and at the same time facilitate the assembly of the elements necessary for its subjection
  • - Joining elements of the hangers to the support beam made of S-275-JR steel galvanized in AISI - 304 Stainless Steel

Flat Plate Monrail
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Support Structure in Galvanized Steel
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