Inox Twin Track System

FunctionalitySilleta inox transparente

The humid and especially corrosive enviroments in certain meat industries, as well as the need to keep the facilitie free from any kind of oxidation make it necessary to install a stainless twin track system with hangers.

This rail, besides of the own advantages offered by a twin track system, provides lifespan to the structure, a high load capacity, and an unbeatable appearance.

Due to the above features, besides of being installed in a slaughterhouse, cattle cutting room, it is especially indicated in the salting and post-salting area of hams, sausage dryers, line with racks in sausage ovens, among others.

 equipment Advantages

  • 1. More than 35 years of experienceCAMBIO 3D INOX transparente
  • 2. High load resistence
  • 3. Structure design for long life 

 Technical Features

  • - Airway made entirely of stainless steel
  • - Perfil de rodadura formado por tubo 50x40x2 o con 60x40x3 con soporte cada 600 mm
  • - Support by load-bearing structures by means of sags from the main structure or concrete slab
  • - Design compatible with Mecanova equipment
  • - Load capacity up to 1000 kg m/l

Inox Twin Track System
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Support Structure in Galvanized Steel
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