The Tangier slaughterhouse developed by Mecanova begins its activity

The new slaughter lines of the slaughterhouse have been fully automated and operate with high performance.


Last week we received the good news of the perfect operation of one of our projects started in 2018. The Tangier slaughterhouse, whose work we finished this year, has carried out its start-up with the best results and optimal performance.

The new facilities consist of two ritual slaughter lines for sheep and cattle, and are fully equipped with ritual slaughter machinery and automated meat rail system. The estimated production is 400 cattle and 3,000 sheep per day.

The stunning phase has ritual boxes for both cattle and sheep, as well as a restrainer to dose the sheep. The fully automated beef slaughter line has pneumatic work platforms to adapt to the size of the carcasses. In addition, it has a V40 dehider to carry out a clean process without breaking bones or skins. On the other hand, the sheep line also has an electro-pneumatic dehider with a roller, adapted to the size of the sheep, performing ergonomic work for the operator.

Puestan marcha matadero tanger via

The twin track system, the rail used at tangier slaughterhouse

One of the keys to this project is the use of the aluminum twin track system, the most modern type of rail on the market. Lighter, stronger, and cleaner, this track supports a high load capacity, giving it a long life and easy bolting to the saddle.

The twin track will allow a clean, safe and optimized carcass storage and slaughter work, which will translate into production benefits for our client, which continues to be our main goal.

The operation of these facilities begins, which represents a positive rebound for the meat industry in the region.