Installation of Elevator-Quota Descensor

New installation of lift-descent wheel of dimensions in birrail way

This week MECANOVA has installed a new air conveyor for the change of quota in cold rooms for lamb

The team of MECANOVA has developed a new air conveyor or rollers wheel to make the change of the level of the twin track system in chambers for lambs. Thanks to this new lifting and lowering system for rollers, this customer can easily carry out the work of changing the height to save the different heights in your installation and with the least possible effort. As you can see in both the videos and the photos, the rollers with accumulation camels loaded with lambs go down and up without any effort or error. This conveyor works with a geared motor and a system of pushers and brakes to make it possible to be bidirectional, that is, to serve as a carriage descender, but also to act as a roller elevator.

This self-elevating elevator-descender is a product of MECANOVA's team of engineers, who after studying the needs of the customer have been able to develop this solution by getting the satisfaction of our customer, and of all the equipment that has made it possible to develop this solution 

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