Mecanova has installed a small Cutting Room in Ibericos Senderuelo

The Mecanova team has installed a small cutting room in Ibéricos Senderuelo. This Cutting Room is equipped with an aluminum twin track rail system, made entirely in Mecanova installations, for the aerial transport of hogs. The installation of this aerial lane allows a much cleaner and more comfortable channel transit, improving the productivity of the room. In this birrail system has installed a parabolic curve that facilitates the descent of the Pork carcasses to the work table.

 These twin track rail system are designed to facilitate the handling of sheep, beef and pork carcasses, achieving 100% reliability, since they will never let the carcasses fall due to their innovative car and hook coupling system.

This type of track presents great advantages over other systems such as platinum rails with pulleys, or tubular rails. Among the most outstanding we can find:

  • Easier handling.
  • They don't need maintenance or daily cleaning.


    They are much more durable.