Offal machinery: Why is an intenstine content cleaner important in the slaughterhouse?

It is increasingly evident that a complete tripe team in slaughterhouses transforms expenditure and waste into profitability and profit.

In slaughterhouses, waste treatment is a task that can become profitable for producers, if the correct equipment is used, such as the casings emptier. There are many slaughterhouses that do not have equipment for the treatment of waste or preparation of the animal's casings, and therefore depend on an external service for the removal of this waste, or on the tripe that cannot be used. This generates an added cost to the producer - plus the possibility that the withdrawal of the product is not carried out correctly - that can not only be saved, but also be turn it into a profit thanks to the casings emptier.Vaciadora de tripas low

The intestine content cleaner machine consists of a centrifugal machine with blades located inside that cut the casings according to the agreed speed and temperature, purifying the waste from the interior for its subsequent removal, and keeping the material usable for the production of animal fat. to be used in food industry or other productions.


Thanks to this machinery, it is possible to make profitable even the last gram of what in principle is waste, something that, normally, supposes an added expense to the producer. With the emptying machine, the casings go from category MER 2 to MER 3, which makes them a product that can be sold to other producers. This is key to reducing costs in the long term within production, and more and more slaughterhouses are requesting this type of auxiliary equipment due to how easy it is to transform spending into profit. It goes from paying an expense to third parties for the collection of the waste –approximately 15 cents per kg-, to obtaining benefit from the same by-product if it is processed in the same facilities –approximately 6 cents per kg-. Thus, a casing emptying machine represents an economic difference of 21 cents per kg.

Therefore, Mecanova offers a wide range of offal machinery of different capacities and sizes adapted to each production and installation to guarantee profitability and use of all the product that enters the slaughterhouse. Thus, they represent a safe and recoverable investment in the short term, which translates into an increase in profit almost automatically.