New shipping of complete tubular monorail structure to Belarus

Mecanova goes to Eastern Europe with a shipment of tubular monorail with teflon structure for a client in Belarus. It is the first shipment within the construction project of a complete slaughterhouse that Mecanova will develop next 2021.

Mecanova once again consolidates its commercial expansion around Eastern Europe with the beginning of an ambicious project of a slaughterhouse in Belarus that will include cattle and pig lines in its production. This week the first shipment has been sent, which becomes the starting point of a project with which we aim to support the modernization of the meat industry in Eastern Europe. The first shipment includes the structure that will be used in the chambers of the pig line and it consists in an support structure and a tubular monorail system with teflon.

Mecanova provides its technology, design and experience within this project to built storage chambers, the dressing line and an Oreo (fast air) conveyor, for the quick cooling of carcasses, wihich will means greater meat quality and a higher saving for the producer.

Another minimum of five shipments are also expected to complete the project next year and take a further step in the modernization of the industry in Belarus with modern and quality equipment and facilities.