Shipment of a complete equipment of offal machinery and meat rails to France

 This week Mecanova has sent and started the installation a whole equipment of offal machinery, a cattle box, electric saws and an aluminium twin track system for an important client in France.



It is a totally new slaughterhouse in which Mecanova has carried out a remarkable engineering work in design and installation. Mecanova has contributed one more time, to a whole new project in design and installation of a complete cattle equipment in Corsica, France. It is a completely new facility design for the cattle salughter, specifically for the native breed of the area, the 'tiger' cow or "Saïnata". Our client thus intends to become a benchmark in the production of this exclusive and unique meat. We have contributed with our technology and avant-garde designs to optimize the production and support the goals of our client in the meat industry. Thus, we have installed an equipment that will allow the production of 5 -10 cattle per hour.

The equipment sent and installed by Mecanova comprises the whole facility, including the aluminium twin track system, offal machinery and blood equipment. Among the offal machinery, there are included cattle feet dehaired, cattle paunch cleaning machine and a cleaner pipe for guts.