Mecanova starts up one of the largest cutting plants in Barcelona

Mecanova has completed the installation of one of the largest beef cutting plants in Barcelona, ​​ensuring the start-up of production.


This week a Mecanova team has ensured the launching of an important cutting plant in Barcelona, ​​which is already carrying on with its production. The work carried out by Mecanova has consisted of the manufacture and installation of a large part of the interior structure of the cutting room, including all the necessary equipment for loading and unloading channels in a total of 9 docks.

The structure is made up of an twin track system in aluminum for channel chambers and equipment in select cut pneumatic elevators. The quays include continuous risers - descents for channels.

With our structure and machinery, Mecanova once again ensures the quality of its customers, attending to the needs of the slaughterhouse production lines and creating infrastructure that meets expectations. In this case, the installation carried out by Mecanova significantly improves our client's production, concentrating all the activity in one facility. In this way, times are improved, resources are optimized, and finally, the final product is perfected.