Shipping of refrigerated truck with rails to Algeria

Mecanova has sent to Algeria a box of refrigerated truck with complete meat prepared with a hanging rail system and transport of beef carcasses.


Our client in Algeria needed a truck equipped to transport its production, and Mecanova, cooperating in the modernization of the country's meat industry, has sent this week a team consisting of a box - truck, with an aluminum Via Birraíl headboard, and four-way aluminum track, with stainless steel hardware. The truck is 7 meters long and has a storage capacity of between 30 and 35 beef carcasses. This box has been shipped completely disassembled, and is ready for easy mounting on the truck in the country of destination.

The quality of the truck body highlights the competitiveness and good price of Spanish box manufacturers whose products are available all over the world, taking this shipment as an example. In addition, the cost of transport is really low, which makes this product a safe bet to meet the needs of the industry.

The box incorporates the structure and reinforcement necessary for the placement of the rails. With this installation, loading and unloading is greatly facilitated, reducing staff needed and improving occupational health and meat health.