New shipment of camera of beef carcasses to Algeria

This week, Mecanova has prepared and sent a team to Algeria, consisting of a chamber for beef carcasses, a double rail track with hydraulic arms and retractable steps.

Takign part in the project of modernizing the meat industry in Algeria, we crossed borders with the most modern and cutting-edge facilities. Thus, we have designed a carcass chamber for our client with a capacity of 260 cattle. The installation is built via a double rail in aluminum, for an orderly and clean distribution of the channels. The equipment also has hydraulic arms for loading and unloading, along with pneumatic retractable steps.

The double rail track in aluminum allows the transport trolleys to roll on it and at the same time facilitates the assembly of the necessary elements to hold it. Our client will use the facility that we have developed for the storage of beef parts after cutting. The hydraulic arm is built in AISI-304 INOX Steel, with a working capacity of 300 kg and is a robust, practical machine that is easily used in the loading and unloading phases. The complete equipment will allow the optimization of the production and distribution of our client, as well as we contribute in modernizing its facilities and perfecting its processes.